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Oranges and Sunshine ( 4 minutes ago )

warensamble : The leftist controlled child sex slavery story continues.... this is just the tip of the iceberg as we now know. Even today Hollywood is full of pedophilles and the top religions and governments around the world are involved and people we elect are chock full of pedohilles. Barney Frank ran a pedophile ring out of his own home with his boyfriend and nothing ever happened to him because he knew all the other politicians that were his clients. As you may have noticed the media never even reports on any of these pedophile rings. 2,ooo kids disappear a day in America each and every day most are never seen again, that makes me angry. The only one the media ever gave moderate attention to was the catholic pedo ring, but nothing about the jewish Hollywood pedo ring, why is that? This film had me pissed and l don't like pedophiles and l will never agree with the 'their born that way' bullish!t that were all supposed to embrace.

The Exorcist ( 6 minutes ago )

hollyrogers : Someone was complaining about racism being a topic on every show, so I want to point out that it hasn't been on The Exorcist. HOWEVER, I DO take issue w/the overuse, dare I say "misuse," of maggots on rotten food. I have never in my life seen maggots on an old sandwich...Thinking about it, well, maybe I haven't seen many rotten sandwiches, but still - how many times maggots gotta be ruining my relaxing and fun times by showing up on tv old sandwiches?!?

Queen Sugar ( 19 minutes ago )

TiPDriLL : That proposal thou! *tears*

Law & Order ( 22 minutes ago )

Sarsaparilla : Quite the case, saw the ending coming; but still to think someone could be able pull something like that.

Till We Meet Again ( 25 minutes ago )

zapater : Any love relation is subject to changes,for better or worse,shared paths can be simply lost,all to show how vulnerable we all within the beautiful frame of Thailand's locations and people the story opens up to new beginnings,the travelling goes on till they meet again...7/10.

Under Siege ( 26 minutes ago )

GSPatton43 : Nice find. I remember seeing this as a kid and not being able to find it after. Searching always ended at the Stephen Segal flick. This is pretty hokey now but still an interesting watch.

Inuyashiki ( 29 minutes ago )

tbooker022 : My Grandpa is a badass robot!

King's Game The Animation ( 32 minutes ago )

tbooker022 : This is awesome when it comes to the seriousness of the plot, the characters are clueless, but everything gets dark and the truth they didn't know was real became their painful reality

The Exorcist ( 51 minutes ago )

Payajin : Well well well, this a bit slow, but it takes the route I was hoping for. Kudos to 'alias6969' for calling it first, two episodes ago! this is getting interesting, but I hope the pace will step up, only 6 episodes left, or will there be more than 10 episodes?

The Exorcist ( 54 minutes ago )

caprikorn : Looks as though I'll have to go back to earlier episodes and watch the interaction of Grace around the kids . So cool , I knew they were gonna smack us upside the head sooner or later !

Criminal Minds ( 1 hour ago )

enlightendbel : They need to use metal in and outro's more often.

Tin Star ( 1 hour ago )

BobGray : If you are willing to forgive some unlogical choices that the main characters sometimes make, it will be a great watch. At first i thought Tim Roth's acting was dull and had no inspiration but as the story unfolds that changes. And what started out a bit dull and goofy actualy became a wild and dark ride where no character turns out to be who you think they are.Not amongst the best shows out there but very, very entertaining.

Freakish ( 1 hour ago )

PASSWORD_USERID : Noice!!!I Loved and binged in one setting all of season 1! Now Ima goin in to Binge all 10 episodes for (season 2)!! Thanks for the uploads primewire! Cheers... Flick

Behind Bars: Rookie Year ( 1 hour ago )

azores : This episode is bomb. I will miss Izrael a lot cause i like that guy. Andrew is back wtf!! I hope he's doing ok. We need a Season 3!

Ghost Wars ( 1 hour ago )

SpiritOfLove : Thanks for the backstory. This helps a lot. loving this show.

The Exorcist ( 1 hour ago )

kenXz : that black priest has a death wish, seems like it. show runners are dragging episodes longer with less action but its a great show nonetheless. i wonder what happened to that woman, is she the one from Chicago they keep mentioning... a 100 years of pagan rituals and beliefs purged with the actual forgotten christian doctrine ... what do u get? voila , a good show! i like the so called fallen angelic beliefs.. angels with a boner hehe. no offense but u Christians have forgotten the roots and 10 commandments sent down thru Moses...and it took pagans essentially almost a few years to change that doctrine YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO FOLLOW YET IT FITS PERFECTLY TO YOUR EASE AND STARTED TO FALL FOR SUPERSTITIOUS B.S CHRIST STATED WOULD DEVOUR HIS CHURCH and all in all in less than a century. i really hope you open your eyes to the Romes catholic church's travesty in Esa / jesus name being done for 2000 yrs and counting. oh well... still good fantasy show to watch

Gotham ( 1 hour ago )

cfm538 : He's born! yeah baby!This episode got me knee deep again!loved every second! Oh, and if a woman is out to get you, start praying!

Law & Order ( 1 hour ago )

Sarsaparilla : This case is not going to go well. Rushed and all. Atleast we finally get to hear what happened at the end. Most of the time, we never truly know how/why crimes happen.

Live PD ( 1 hour ago )

ateras360 : The Walmart LP bust was funny but not at all handled the proper way. I was LP for 20 years and you NEVER detain or accuse until they go out the front door. So if I was their defense lawyer those police and LP Officers would be a laughing stock in the courtroom.

Behind Bars: Rookie Year ( 2 hours ago )

azores : Purto is so good that I really think he should get out for a while to pursue law degree and further up to suit him for prosecution/intelligence part of the corrections department

Hotel Transylvania: The Series ( 2 hours ago )

tobye007 : That's plenty funny...lolss

Marvel's Inhumans ( 2 hours ago )

lohocla : I wasn't really impressed at first, but it grew on me, hope it continues to improve and doesn't get the axe too soon.

Black Mirror ( 2 hours ago )

augusts1 : Holy s**t this was an intense and frightening episode. Excellent work by the lead actor Wyatt Russell. He must've gone through the emotional wringer doing this.

You Were Never Here ( 2 hours ago )

redhotchilli_c : there is only one word to describe this so called film SHIT

Fake or Fortune? ( 3 hours ago )

akvandupre : just how many languages does Fiona speak/understand???

9JKL ( 3 hours ago )

fadcat22 : Reminds me of Everybody Loves Raymond but not nearly as good. One less new show to keep up with. The funny parts fell flat for me. I really wanted to like it.

Tomorrowland ( 3 hours ago )

andrewthegreat : The clock they used with the red numbers in tubes is from steins gate. Which was a much better show lol. Couldn't get into this movie it's kinda dumb.

Jungle ( 3 hours ago )

kingarco66 : it was not terrible but not all that either .. Ive been in similar places, its dangerous, sure, but death is after all the worst thing that can happen, and its probably better than dying in suburbia

Love & Human Remains ( 3 hours ago )

zippeelezip : Based on Brad Fraser's outstanding play, it seems to me that this film illuminates Will and Grace, American Psycho and a whole lotta other more polished product - very dry humour, cringey longing, and role play sets off the violence that people do to themselves and others. A rediscovered fave, by the brilliant Denys Arcand.

Van Helsing ( 3 hours ago )

SpiritOfLove : great creepiness factor in this episode. Also major devastation at the end.:(

The Walking Dead ( 3 hours ago )

Jinxer : This is a good one to get hyped up.

Dynasty (2017) ( 3 hours ago )

kougarsden : I watched the first episode, and tried to make it through the second. Not gonna happen. This is terrible. The cast is beautiful, and can act, but the dialogue is stilted and contrived. This cast is wasted on this drivel.

DuckTales ( 4 hours ago )

DigitalScan : i love ducktales, i grew up with the original. this isnt bad but i feel like its lacking alot of color. the original was so vibrant and colorful and this just looks plain. and the drawing style is different to be sure. more anime style but thats ok. the color though is my only complaint.

QI ( 4 hours ago )

visnja : I like Sandi. Still a fun show.

The Walking Dead ( 4 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : AWESOME behind the scenes special that gives background on how the zombies were originally designed by using the format from the graphic novel and how they have evolved. Brilliant snippets and interviews from cast members. This really has me excited for Season 8. Thank you uploaders!

The Exorcist III ( 4 hours ago )

gdesc42 : I remember seeing this at the theatre , wasn’t impressed then, ain’t now either.

The Walking Dead ( 4 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : I'm looking forward to Season 8. I feel lucky that I still enjoy it. Can't wait for Sunday.

The Walking Dead ( 4 hours ago )

KancunStatus35 : @ ChiefAlex, Yeah I know right? lol...I been going thru the entire series, which I do every year b4 the new season begins and am getting ready for season 8, but every time I get to this episode and that moment when Negan meets Father Gabriel I cannot help myself and still LMFAO lol...definitely one of the funniest moments ever in this show. I wonder how many takes they had to do to film that scene cuz u know the actors were laughing it up for @ least a few takes lol...classic moment in TWD x-D

Copwatch ( 4 hours ago )

Tonee45ronee : N.y. Projects looks like a Modern Day Concentration Camp... and people says there a God looking out for his children... yeah right

Hell's Kitchen ( 4 hours ago )

IsisBleeding : I liked Johnny, til now. Now, I want to put his nuts in a bath of simmering water, ya know, so the nerves don't cook too fast.

Hawaii Five-0 ( 4 hours ago )

Gryfter : Wu!!! Damn I miss Grimm Fridays...

Marvel's Inhumans ( 4 hours ago )

vampwalker709 : Liked it the only thing that bothers me is the seemingly nerfed maximus and black bolt one doesn't have any powers and the other is missing or they haven't shown most of his abilities when they should have just seems lazy like they didn't want to bother with the extra work but eh it is still fun to watch and i could defiantly watch four minutes lol.

Hawaii Five-0 ( 5 hours ago )

EquinePassion : They need better software protection tbh

The Exorcist ( 5 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : Sister Dolores is HOT! Well, maybe that's just Satan burning bright in her. Good episode. Thank you, uploaders.

The Fosters ( 5 hours ago )

HalliBot1138 : Well I hope Steph makes the right decision regarding her health. Good episode none the less. 5/5 Enjoy!

Ghost Wars ( 5 hours ago )

Lost_Memory : yeah! that was a really good start to a show, ON TO THE NEXT EPISODE!

Star Command ( 5 hours ago )

HatHead : Escalators on a space station plus Morgan Fairchild, as XO in heels!

Extinct ( 5 hours ago )

Hazrdus_Reaper : The concept is great, only too bad the execution sucks. I really really liked this idea. The actors are bad. The budget is obviously tiny. I hope someone picks this up and does a remake after its cancelled. This show could have been epic.

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Oranges and Sunshine

warensamble : The leftist controlled child sex slavery story continues.... this is just the ti ...

The Exorcist

hollyrogers : Someone was complaining about racism being a topic on every show, so I want to p ...

Queen Sugar

TiPDriLL : That proposal thou! *tears*

Law & Order

Sarsaparilla : Quite the case, saw the ending coming; but still to think someone could be able ...

Till We Meet Again

zapater : Any love relation is subject to changes,for better or worse,shared paths can be ...

Under Siege

GSPatton43 : Nice find. I remember seeing this as a kid and not being able to find it after. ...


tbooker022 : My Grandpa is a badass robot!

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